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How Divorce Affects Custody

The dissolution of a marriage is already a difficult enough process, but when children and the issue of custody are involved, emotions often run high. During the process of separation or divorce, you and your spouse will make important decisions regarding the division of your assets, but perhaps the most crucial decision of all revolves around the custody status of your children.

Having solid legal representation is necessary to protect your interests and, more importantly, the interests of your children. Reach out to Paulus Law Firm, LLC, at 573-677-4936 to see how our experienced lawyer can assist you with your family legal matter today.

The Types Of Child Custody And How They Work

Paulus Law Firm, LLC, understands that our clients only want what is best for their children, and together we can devise a solution that works for you, your child(ren) and your spouse. Consider the following types of custody options to see what may be the most beneficial arrangement for your family:

  • Joint physical and legal custody — You and your spouse will share the responsibility of raising your children.
  • Legal custody — One or both parents may be awarded this type of custody and can make legal decisions on behalf of their children.
  • Physical custody — The parent awarded physical custody is the one with the right to have the children live with him or her.
  • Sole custody — Only one parent has legal and physical custody of the children.

While the court will consider the different circumstances surrounding your divorce before deciding, our attorney is here to represent you every step of the way. We also assist clients with resolving child support and creating spousal maintenance agreements. We always keep your family’s best interest in mind to help achieve the most favorable outcome.

We Do The Negotiating So You Can Focus On Your Family

Let our family-oriented and community-focused attorney take some of the stress off your shoulders. We can work closely with you and your spouse, as well as their legal representative to negotiate the terms of your divorce and custody or visitation rights.

At Paulus Law Firm, LLC, you can trust us to guide you through any family law issue with care and sensitivity. Call 573-677-4936 or send us an email online to set up a consultation at our Cuba, Missouri, office where you can discuss your concerns confidently and confidentially with our attorney. A $50 fee will accompany your initial consultation.