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We Have The Experience To Fight Your DWI Charge

Arrested for drunk driving? Retain an experienced DWI attorney. Paulus Law Firm, LLC, has more than 20 years of experience and will fight aggressively for your freedom. The penalties for drunk driving are serious. In addition to possible jail time, fines and increased insurance premiums, your driver’s license will also be suspended.

Arrested for drunk driving? Contact the Paulus Law Firm, LLC, today. Call 573-677-4936. In addition to representing those cited on Missouri roadways, Stephen Paulus is experienced in many other practice areas, including family law and personal injury.

Our attorney will question whether the police had probable cause to stop you, make sure they followed all required police procedures, and will investigate the breath testing equipment to ensure it was working correctly. If there is a way to dismiss the charges against you, we’ll find it. If dismissal is not possible, we will take your case to trial and protect your interests in front of the jury.

Learn More About Minor In Possession Charges

If you are a minor and have been charged with possession of alcohol, you are facing serious penalties. Missouri has an “abuse and lose” law that automatically suspends your driver’s license for minor consumption, even if you are not operating a vehicle.

We Can Represent You In A License Suspension

The major collateral effect of DWI and other alcohol-related charges is the driver’s license suspension. Your license is suspended automatically upon your arrest for DWI. If you submit to the breath test at the time of your arrest the suspension is for 30 days. If you refuse to submit to the breath test, it is a 100-day revocation of your license.

In addition to defending you against the criminal charges, we will also handle the administrative license suspension process. We will represent you at the administrative hearings and appeals of your license issues. We will strive to get your license reinstated or get you a temporary license so that you can get to work.

Don’t Wait. Call Today.

If you have been arrested for DUI, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with our experienced criminal defense lawyer. Call our office in Cuba at 573-677-4936 or send us an email to find out more.