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You Need A Tough Defense For Tough Drug Violation Laws

Strict drug laws in the state of Missouri mean that even the possession of a small amount of an illegal substance can result in legal difficulties. If you have been charged with possessing, selling or trafficking controlled substances, you should immediately contact Paulus Law Firm, LLC, at 573-677-4936 to see what your options are. Our knowledgeable attorney is very familiar with the state’s various statutes regarding drug violations and has assisted clients with many drug-related criminal charges over the course of his career.

We are comfortable taking on the following types of cases and more involving:

  • College students or anyone allegedly in possession/using any form of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and more
  • Those who have been taken into custody due to the possession or supposed use of drug paraphernalia
  • Anyone who has been accused of either trafficking or dealing controlled substances

If you have been detained and arrested on a drug charge such as heroin possession or marijuana distribution, reach out to us as soon as possible. We’ll check to see if law enforcement followed the proper procedures and ensure that you are treated fairly.

How A Drug Offense Can Affect Your Life

Being convicted of any drug crime can cause you immense difficulties immediately and following the terms of your conviction. Depending on the situation, such as whether it’s your second offense or how much of the illegal substance you purportedly possessed, you could be facing a considerable fine, incarceration and a record that could follow you for the rest of your life.

Misdemeanor or felony, a drug-related conviction can set you back from your education goals or prevent you from getting approved for housing, loans and job opportunities. Speak with our lawyer at Paulus Law Firm, LLC, at our Cuba office today. Don’t wait, call us now at 573-677-4936 to discuss your options or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We charge a $50 consultation fee.