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What Exactly Does An Assault Charge Entail?

The extent of your charge and how much legal trouble you are in is contingent on the circumstances surrounding your case. Once a physical altercation has occurred or a weapon is involved, the charge will be more serious and the consequences more severe. If charged with a crime such as assault, you should promptly enlist the help of Paulus Law Firm, LLC. Our attorney can review your case and check to see if there are any merits to the charges against you. We can help you determine if your case can be dismissed, negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf or defend you in trial if necessary.

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Our Attorney Understands And Will Stand By You

At Paulus Law Firm, LLC, we recognize that people make mistakes, but we also firmly believe that these mistakes shouldn’t prevent our clients from living their lives. We’re here to defend our clients’ rights and ensure fair treatment is given under the law regardless of each individual circumstance. Seek our legal guidance at once for assault charges related to the following common scenarios:

  • A bar brawl breaks out between you and a patron who has had too much to drink.
  • You’re a college student who got involved in an alcohol-fueled fight at a party.
  • An argument was escalated, and threats or physical blows were exchanged.

When a simple dispute takes an unexpectedly violent turn, you need an attorney who not only understands, but is also willing to stand by you in court. We can assist you with misdemeanor assault charges and other charges such as first-degree and second-degree felony assault charges.

Know The Consequences Of A Conviction

In the state of Missouri, an assault conviction can mean substantial fines, a few days in jail or even years spent in prison depending on whether it’s considered a misdemeanor or a felony. Don’t let one mistake made during a night of fun with your friends or an altercation from a simple argument turn into a lifetime of consequences.

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