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What if I face drug offenses for protected location distribution?

In Cuba and across Missouri, drug offenses are treated very seriously by legislators and law enforcement. People confronted with an arrest for drugs must be cognizant of the potential penalties they will face if they are convicted. One aspect of the law for drug charges differentiates between the locations where the drug was distributed.

Drug paraphernalia and possible criminal charges

Possession of drug paraphernalia in Missouri can land a person with a misdemeanor charge and some serious consequences to face if they are convicted. Even as some drug laws are changing throughout the nation, it is still illegal in many places to possess certain drug-related items that may be used to inject, ingest, grow, cultivate or otherwise use illegal substances. Drug paraphernalia can take on many forms and can sometimes be mistakenly identified as such when individuals actually own innocuous items.

Do not let drug charges derail a bright future

Every day, Missouri residents make decisions that may have repercussions on other events in their lives. A choice today may affect a decision tomorrow, and while many problems can be undone through hard work and planning, certain legal situations can be difficult to overcome so that individuals can get their lives back on track. For example, the choice to ignore a pending drug charge may have long-term consequences for a Cuba resident.

Important elements in a drug possession case

In order for a Missouri prosecutor to build a strong drug possession case against an individual, they must be able to demonstrate that the individual's conduct met all of the required elements for the charge they are facing. As with other crimes, drug possession charges focus on the accused individuals' intentions to break the law and their actions that actually violate the law. Without evidence of intent or action, a person may be able to avoid conviction on their drug possession charge.

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