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Helping you navigate the divorce process

Much like getting married is a pivotal event in a person's life, divorce can also be a major life event. While no one says "I do" because they think one day their union will end in divorce, the reality is that many couples in Missouri and elsewhere are faced with the difficult decision of filing for divorce. Even when both spouses believe it is the right step to take, this does not mean it is an easy process.

What is the purpose of alimony?

There are many different reasons that Missouri residents decide to end their marriages. While fault may serve as the bases for some divorces, other marriages may simply breakdown over time and leave the parties more interested in moving forward on their own. When two married people formally split up and engage with the legal process of dissolving their union, they will be confronted with many important issues to resolve.

Legal counsel for divorcing Missouri residents

When a Cuba resident chooses to end their marriage they may have a lot of questions. They may not know what requirements are imposed by the law for individuals who want to terminate their legal relationships. They may be uncertain of what property they will be allowed to keep or how they will continue to co-parent their kids once their marriage is over.

Alimony may be awarded during a Missouri divorce

A divorce is a legal process that requires its participants to manage many important and often confusing decisions regarding their parenting, money and property. One aspect of a divorce that many be relevant to Missouri residents is spousal support, and this post will share some information with its readers about when it may be awarded. Readers are reminded, though, that they should always talk to their attorneys about their own cases to understand how this information may apply to them.

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