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When child custody and visitation is addressed in Missouri, there are certain issues that might arise. One concern that often must be addressed is what will happen if a parent wants to relocate. In many cases, the other parent will express reluctance or will object to the move. Understanding what the law says about these circumstances and what is required is imperative.

It is important to remember that these issues do not apply if there is a temporary change in residence, with the parent and child returning to the permanent residence after a short time-period. If the parent is leaving with the child for at least 90 days, this law applies. When there is a planned relocation, those entitled to have custody or visitation must be informed by certified mail with a return receipt. Unless there are pressing needs to expedite the move, the notice must be given within 60 days of the relocation.

The notification must have the following information provided to the other party: where the new residence is with its address or, if that is unknown, the city; the telephone number of the new residence, if it is known; when the move is expected to take place; a statement as the reason for the relocation; a proposal to alter the custody or visitation with the child; and information about the other party’s ability to file a motion to stop the relocation from taking place.

Getting a divorce and dealing with other family law issues can be difficult. If there are children involved, it is even more complex. When the custodial parent wants to move to a different location, this can lead to disruptions and fear on the part of the other parent. If it is necessary to negotiate a different child custody and visitation agreement, it is important to have legal advice from an experienced law firm to help with the case.