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August 2019 Archives

Understanding marijuana laws in Missouri

Like other states in the nation, Missouri has taken steps to alter its laws regarding marijuana. Specifically, it has authorized the usage of this drug for medicinal purposes. While this has created a whole new perspective when it comes to criminal charges for marijuana possession, the reality is that the passage of this law has not altered the fact that criminal charges could occur if one is suspected to be in possession of marijuana.

A lot at stake if you get a DUI, especially in college

If you are hanging out with friends on your Missouri college campus and decide to have a couple drinks that contain alcohol, you may or may not be breaking any laws or school regulations. It depends on several factors, including your age and whether your campus is a dry campus or allows people age 21 or over to consume alcohol on campus.

Child custody and allegations of abuse

There are many reasons why parents in Missouri part ways. One reason may be due to domestic violence. This can be a very concerning, scary and dangerous situation, causing some parents to take legal action to ensure their safety as well as the safety of their child. Unfortunately, these child custody matters can get extremely emotional and complex.

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