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When motorists in Missouri are stopped by law enforcement, it may not always be clear why he or she was stopped. However, if a driver is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, this could result in serious charges. Depending on the circumstances around the stop and allegations, one could face harsh penalties if a conviction results. Thus, it is imperative that those accused of a DWI understand their rights and defense options, as this could help them clear their name and avoid criminal consequences.

In order for law enforcement to make a lawful stop, there must be probable cause. At Paulus Law Firm, LLC, our skilled attorneys will take the time to ensure a lawful stop was conducted. In addition, we will explore any steps and procedures taken during and after the stop. This includes the field sobriety test, breath tests and even blood tests. If police failed to follow proper protocol, this could give cause to challenge them and the evidence collected by these steps.

Our law firm has years of experience defending clients against DWI charges. If a client seeks to suppress evidence, we will take the steps necessary to prove that evidence should be dismissed. This could ultimately result in reduced or dismissed charges. If it is not possible to dismiss evidence, our attorneys are prepared to take the matter to trial. Our goal is to protect the rights and interests of our clients, and we do that by ensuring that they are well aware of their right and defense options.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s DWI website. Whether this is a motorist’s first drunk driving charge or not, it is important to take these matters seriously. The penalties associated with a DWI can be harsh, making it imperative that defendants take the time to assert a defense to reduce or dismiss the charges against them.