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Asserting a strong defense against a DWI charge

When motorists in Missouri are stopped by law enforcement, it may not always be clear why he or she was stopped. However, if a driver is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, this could result in serious charges. Depending on the circumstances around the stop and allegations, one could face harsh penalties if a conviction results. Thus, it is imperative that those accused of a DWI understand their rights and defense options, as this could help them clear their name and avoid criminal consequences.

Isn't a DWI checkpoint a violation of a driver's rights?

Under Missouri state and federal law, as well as case precedent, law enforcement officials are permitted to use drunk driving checkpoints to stop drivers and assess them for possible intoxication. During the 4th of July holiday week, drivers may notice more of these checkpoints as police look to stop drivers that they perceive to be dangerous. However, the random stopping of drivers at checkpoints may seem contrary to individuals' personal right to privacy and the protections provided to them in the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Will separate bank accounts protect you during divorce?

It may seem like an obvious statement, but a major part of divorce is dividing the assets of the spouses. In marital property states like Missouri, all the assets you acquire during your marriage belong to both spouses in the eyes of the law. This means that if you and your spouse divorce, the court will divide your marital assets in the most fair and equitable way possible.

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