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There are many different reasons that Missouri residents decide to end their marriages. While fault may serve as the bases for some divorces, other marriages may simply breakdown over time and leave the parties more interested in moving forward on their own. When two married people formally split up and engage with the legal process of dissolving their union, they will be confronted with many important issues to resolve.

One of the most significant issues that parties can face when they divorce is alimony. Alimony is the payment of money from one formerly married person to their ex. Alimony exists because not everyone is financially able to support themselves when they exit their marriage and they may need help to get back on their feet for their future.

Alimony can come in many forms. In some situations, alimony may be rehabilitative. This means that it is paid as long as a person needs to become financial self-sufficient. This may be months or years depending on how much training they need to re-enter the workforce. In other situations, alimony may be paid as a single lump sum and the relationship ends once that payment is made.

In some cases, alimony awards may be indefinite. When the health of the recipient is poor and they are unable to provide for themselves, their ex may be responsible for supporting them until the end of their life. Alimony awards and agreements may look very different based on the needs of the parties and for this reason readers are asked to talk to their divorce attorneys about what financial needs they will have when they end their marriages.