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Possession of drug paraphernalia in Missouri can land a person with a misdemeanor charge and some serious consequences to face if they are convicted. Even as some drug laws are changing throughout the nation, it is still illegal in many places to possess certain drug-related items that may be used to inject, ingest, grow, cultivate or otherwise use illegal substances. Drug paraphernalia can take on many forms and can sometimes be mistakenly identified as such when individuals actually own innocuous items.

For example, a person may be charged with possessing drug paraphernalia if they have on their person a pipe that law enforcement officials associate with marijuana use. Even if the person does not have marijuana on their person they may still be charged with drug paraphernalia. However, if their pipe is actually only used for tobacco then their charge may be based on faulty grounds.

Other items may be alleged to be drug paraphernalia but may actually be innocent items with legitimate uses. Scales are often identified as items of drug paraphernalia because they can be used to weigh and measure illegal substances; they can, however, be used to weigh cooking ingredients, metals and other small items.

When a person is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, they should take their alleged crimes seriously. Misdemeanor offenses can cause problems for individuals throughout the years, and getting to the heart of an erroneous charge can prevent it from infiltrating other parts of a person’s life. When facing a drug paraphernalia charge or other drug offense, readers should contact their trusted drug crime and criminal defense attorneys.