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Although some people may not view marijuana as a serious drug, it is significantly punished under the laws of the state. Individuals should not take marijuana charges lightly, which is why they may benefit from legal counsel and criminal defense planning.

Marijuana charges can come from different forms of allegedly illegal conduct. Possession of marijuana may be considered criminal, and people who are accused of selling marijuana may also face criminal sanctions. Individuals who are involved in the alleged trafficking or distribution of marijuana can be prosecuted by state and federal authorities, which may lead to significant periods of incarceration upon conviction.

It is impossible to ever know how a drug charge will resolve, particularly because marijuana and other drug crimes can turn on the facts that are present in each individual case. Therefore, when a person wishes to prepare a criminal defense to their pending marijuana charges it is usually to their advantage to work closely with a skilled legal advocate who knows the law and how to use it to his or her advantage.

The attorneys of the Paulus Law Firm work with new and existing clients who are unsure of how to prepare to defend themselves against aggressive prosecutors who try to seek harsh penalties for marijuana offenses. In some cases, drug charges can be overcome with defense planning, whether that means negotiating lesser charges or seeking an acquittal at trial. The firm’s website is replete with information that may be useful to men and women who are confronting marijuana and other drug charges, and contact for the firm may also be found therein.