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Every day, Missouri residents make decisions that may have repercussions on other events in their lives. A choice today may affect a decision tomorrow, and while many problems can be undone through hard work and planning, certain legal situations can be difficult to overcome so that individuals can get their lives back on track. For example, the choice to ignore a pending drug charge may have long-term consequences for a Cuba resident.

Previous post on this blog discussed the elements of drug possession cases and the serious penalties that individuals can face if they are convicted of their alleged crimes. While a single drug offense charge may not seem like a life-altering event for someone, it can create a permanent record of criminal conduct that can follow them for their life.

Criminal charges, including drug offense charges, can be met with defense strategies. In some cases, prosecutors and law enforcement officers truly do have the wrong story and individuals can and should fight for their rights and freedom. The Paulus Law Firm is committed to serving the needs of men and women who wish to face their charges and who want help developing effective criminal defense strategies.

No two criminal cases will proceed on the same factual lines; therefore, no two criminal defense strategies will take on the same structures. Defense plans must be crafted to meet the individual needs of criminal defendants and the attorneys and staff of the Paulus Law Firm are prepared to serve those who are up against serious drug offense charges. Initiating a criminal defense is ones’ best chance at reducing or dismissing the charges against them.