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A divorce is a legal process that requires its participants to manage many important and often confusing decisions regarding their parenting, money and property. One aspect of a divorce that many be relevant to Missouri residents is spousal support, and this post will share some information with its readers about when it may be awarded. Readers are reminded, though, that they should always talk to their attorneys about their own cases to understand how this information may apply to them.

Alimony is money that one person may be required to pay to their ex after their divorce is finalized. Not every divorce will involve alimony, as in some cases, the parties to the proceedings will be able to financially support themselves without help. It is when a party may be financially disadvantaged by their divorce that alimony may come into play.

In Missouri courts look at a number of factors to decide if alimony should be awarded. They may look at how much earning capacity each of the parties has, and if it will be expensive to prepare a person to re-enter the workforce after taking time out of their career to raise a family. A court could examine the length of the parties’ marriage and their relative health, the standard of living that they enjoyed while married and other factors that may offer information on if and how alimony should be awarded.

A divorce attorney is an excellent resource for a person who believes that alimony will be necessary for them to live in their post-divorce life. Together a person and their lawyer can devise a plan to fight for the financial support that the divorcing individual needs.