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Celebrity divorces show up in the local news from time to time, giving Cuba residents a glimpse into the lives of the entertainers who sing their favorite songs and act in their favorite movies. It is not uncommon for the reasons for these divorces to be listed as “irretrievably broken” or for the divorcing parties to have “irreconcilable differences” between them. Divorces that are based on broken relationships and differences between the parties are often termed no-fault divorces because they are simply the result of relationships that have run their course.

In Missouri, couples can get no-fault divorces based on the irretrievable breakdown of their marriages. They need not prove that one of the partners committed adultery or that one was abusive; the fact that the parties cannot fix the problems that exist between them is enough for the Missouri courts to grant them a termination to their legal relationships.

However, from time to time, couples may come before divorce courts and have one of the parties argue that their relationships are not fundamentally flawed. If a party attempts to avoid a divorce by claiming that their marriage is not irretrievably broken then the other spouse may introduce evidence of fault to prove that they cannot make their relationship last any longer.

Missouri residents therefore do not have to base their divorces on fault, but they may bring up factors of fault to demonstrate that their relationships must end. This post should not be read as legal advice and individuals who wish to receive more case-specific information about their divorce rights and options are advised to seek the counsel of their own family law attorneys.