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Across the nation, changes have been slowly taking hold with regard to how the use and possession of marijuana is viewed by the states. Some jurisdictions have decriminalized the possession of the substance in small quantities, while others have maintained their stiff stance against having any amount of marijuana in one’s control. Missouri has enacted legislation that legalizes marijuana for some individuals in the state, but there is still much confusion over how the drug should be handled by law enforcement officials.

In Missouri, it is still illegal for individuals to possess, distribute, cultivate and sell marijuana if they do not have a medical marijuana card. That means individuals who are found to have marijuana on their bodies or in their possession, those who sell or provide it to others and others who grow and distribute marijuana can be charged and convicted of drug crimes.

However, legislators and voters have recognized that for some medical patients, marijuana can provide relief from their challenging symptoms. For those who can be supported by the limited use of marijuana, medical marijuana cards may be available to provide them with permission to possess the drug for their own personal use. The state is still working to set up a framework for building and operating growing and dispensary facilities for medical marijuana use.

Being accused of a marijuana-based drug crime can lead to serious penalties for a person if they are convicted of their charges. Fines, restrictions and even jail time can follow a conviction and leave a person with an uncertain and unstable future. Legal support can sought from criminal defense attorneys throughout Missouri. Taking legal action could help one develop a strong criminal defense to help reduce and even dismiss the charges against them.