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Charged with a crime? Whether a felony or misdemeanor, you are probably concerned about the consequences that a conviction of the criminal charge will have on your life. Penalties can range from fines and community service to a prison term, depending on the seriousness of the charge.

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At the Paulus Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience protecting the freedom of the accused in Sullivan and Cuba, Missouri, and the surrounding communities. Our criminal defense practice is comprehensive and includes defending offenses such as:

Our lawyers are trial lawyers whose only goal is to protect your interests in whatever way possible. We will advise you and keep you informed on all of our negotiations with the prosecution. We will educate you along the way, arming you with all of the information necessary to make decisions on how your case will proceed. Whether it be litigating your matter in court or negotiating a settlement out of court, our attorneys are results-driven and will do whatever is necessary to obtain the best possible results for you.

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